Size Guide For Modern Dining Room Sets

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Our modern dining room sets are the place where we share many happy memories, whether it’s with our families or friends. You can create the perfect space for your family by choosing the right dining room table to suit your needs and style.

We discuss the importance of choosing the right size and shape dining table. Take a look at the images and get inspired.

Reduce Your Dining Room Style

Design is an important element of a well-designed dining area. Be sure to consider the overall design of your dining room. Are you looking for a particular color or theme? What space is it going to go in?

Is it for a formal dining area or casual breakfast nook? It must be the right piece of furniture to suit your needs and preferences, just like a puzzle. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dining table designs:

Industrial-style dining table If you love the combination of metal and wood, and industrial theme may be for you. Industrial-style furniture dining tables usually have metal bases and wooden tops that give off a rustic but modern look. You will see natural features, such as wood grains and reclaimed woods, that emphasize an organic look.

Scandinavian/Danish-style dining table This dining table is both functional and practical. Scandi dining table is a take on Scandi design’s simple, minimalist, and bright styles. They are often in light oak or white and feature clean lines.

Modern dining room table – Give your dining area a modern look with modern tables. These tables are distinguished by their clean lines and sharp edges. They also showcase the finest natural materials such as oak solid wood. Modern dining tables emphasize the durability and indestructibility of both design and material.

How To Choose A Dining Room Table Shape

Once you have decided on the style of your dining room, it is time to choose a dining table. Apart from the meal times, where will you be dining? The size and placement of the table will play a significant role in your choice of table.

Round These round dining tables are great for small spaces. Its rounded curves make it smaller and look great in any interior design. Because everyone can converse easily with each other, they make gatherings more intimate. Round dining tables don’t work well for large gatherings. They can make it feel distant and make it difficult to reach your delicious food.

Oval Create an interesting look using an oval-shaped dining room table. It has a traditional appearance and a smaller footprint than its round counterpart. This shape creates a feeling of intimacy and can accommodate large groups.

Square These dining tables are best suited for square-shaped rooms, creating symmetry. Expandable versions are available that can accommodate more people. The table creates a feeling of intimacy by allowing everyone to be in close proximity to each other during conversation.

To make it easier for larger groups to eat together, you can set up two square tables near each other. This will allow guests to have a more comfortable seating arrangement during special occasions.

Rectangle These tables are very popular because most dining rooms are rectangular. This table is ideal for entertaining large families or guests. The table’s linear design makes it easy for guests to add a leaf and for them to navigate around the table. Rectangular tables should measure 91 cm to 107 cm in length to allow for enough space to place the settings on both sides.

modern dining room sets

Be aware that rectangular dining tables and chairs can take up space in your home. You can save space by using benches to replace dining chairs. They can be stored underneath the table.

Standard Dimensions For A Dining Table

It’s not just about choosing a size or shape for your dining table. The measurements will also play a significant role in how your dining area will look and how you will use your dining room.

This is also crucial in the overall design and flow. What size is the space? Are you looking for an 8-seater dining room table? 6-person dining table How many people will you be seated with? Are you planning to entertain often?

Keep in mind, however, that to eat comfortably, people must be at least 61 cm apart. There should also be plenty of space for food and beautiful dinnerware.

These are the fundamental dimensions to consider when measuring your room and setting up a table.

Here Are Some More Tips For Choosing The Right Size Dining Table:

  • The ideal tablespace should be at least 91 cm in order to accommodate food and place settings.
  • You should have enough space for people to sit comfortably, pull out their chairs and not feel cramped. Between the table edges, and the wall, allow at least 107 cm
  • Consider the entire room and all furniture, including sideboards and dining tables. Measure 92 cm away from any sideboard that is against a wall.
  • A table extension is a must-have for growing families or if entertaining is your passion. To ensure that the table fits in your dining room, measure it before it is extended.

Select The Height Of Your Dining Table

Although there are many options for dining tables, the standard height of a dining table is fairly consistent. It is important to have the dining table at the right height so that people can comfortably sit and cross their legs.

It is uncomfortable to eat at a high table. A rule of thumb is to allow at least 31 cm between your tabletop and your chair.

Standard: Standard height tables are approximately 73 cm to 75 cm high. The table looks best when paired with chairs with a seat height of 44-48 cm. This height is suitable for guests and family members of all ages and mobility.

Counter: Counter height tables measure 86 cm to 91.5 cm in height and can be used with chairs measuring 61 cm to 66.5 cm in height. This height creates a more open appearance and is great for smaller spaces.

Choose The Right Materials And Finishes For Your Dining Table

Now you’ve selected your style and decided on the size and measurements that you require. We’ll show you how to create the dining room space you desire using the various materials available.

Solid Wood Table – A classic choice, solid wood is durable and timeless. Solid wood creates a warm and welcoming environment. It can be made into many different styles and patterns. Solid Oak furniture has been built to last. For a timeless piece, choose a piece that can be used in many different interior settings.

modern dining room sets

To maintain a solid wood dining table’s finish and to avoid water stains, make sure you check with the manufacturer. You can also clean it with a mixture of vinegar, oil-water, and a soft, clean cloth.

Glass Dining Room Table – Glass is much easier to clean and creates an open, spacious home. Glass can give a room more light and space, and it works well with modern elements such as stainless steel or brass.

Stone Table Adding a touch of luxury and style to space are stones such as granite and marble that can be used for a dining room table. They are durable and can withstand heavy outdoor and indoor use. Some people believe that scratches can happen over time but it adds character to the piece. Stone tabletops can be used in smaller spaces, but are very heavy.

Concrete Table – A durable surface material, concrete tables offer a rustic yet modern look to any space. Concrete tables can often look raw so concrete is a good choice if you want something more polished.

Veneer Table – This durable, less porous surface is ideal for dining tables. Veneer dining tables look like solid wood and are glued to fiberboard or particleboard. This material is extremely durable and it reacts well to spills and other messes. Because it is made from thinner log sheets, it is also environmentally friendly.

Here Are Some Tips For Decorating A Dining Room Table

It’s easy to decorate your dining room once you have all the necessary items. You can transform your dining room to be welcoming and comfortable for family meals and dinner parties with a few simple touches and homeware.

Here Are Some Ideas For Decorating A Dining Room Table When It Is Not Being Used

  • Make an accent wall by adding a splash of color or wall art.
  • Add texture and coziness to your room by placing a rug beneath. Check out our rug size chart.
  • You can match your style with a table runner, or tablecloth.
  • Your place settings should be displayed.
  • You can add fresh flowers and dried flowers to pretty homewares.
  • Dim lighting and candles can create an intimate atmosphere.

No matter how small or big your space, dining tables will make your dinner parties more memorable. RJ Living has a range that is suitable for both large and small spaces as well as growing families.

The team can offer tips and suggestions on how to set up a dining room. This guide is meant to inspire and help you create a dining space that’s both functional and beautiful.

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