Kitchen Renovation Home Depot: Cost Review

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Kitchen Renovation Home Depot is a great way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money. You can find kitchen renovation home depot kits at most home improvement stores.

The kitchen renovation home depot kit will include all of the materials you need to complete the project, including directions. If you are not comfortable doing the renovation on your own, you can hire a contractor to do it for you.

Before you begin your kitchen renovation home depot project, you will need to measure the space. This will help you determine how much of the kit you will need to purchase. You will also need to decide on a design for your kitchen. There are many different designs to choose from, so you should be able to find one that will fit your needs.

Once you have decided on a design, you will need to start removing the old cabinet hardware and fixtures. Be sure to save the hardware, as you will need it to install the new cabinets. Next, you will need to remove the old cabinets and countertops.

If you are replacing the countertops, you will need to install the new ones at this time. Once the old cabinets and countertops have been removed, you will need to sand and clean the surface of the kitchen.

How can you remodel a kitchen at Home Depot?

To start your kitchen renovation, book an appointment with one of their in-store chefs. You can do this in-store, online, or by phone. To speak with someone, you cannot simply walk into Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon. Consultations can only be made by appointment. At least in Northern Virginia, there aren’t many consultants at each site.

After you book your appointment, the designer you were matched with won’t be able to meet your design requirements. These are not covered in the booking process. Home Depot only needs information about the items you are interested in buying (e.g. cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc).

kitchen renovation home depot

It all comes down to who is available when your call. To get help, you can call someone at Home Depot. Home Depot is a place where most people don’t know anyone and have no idea who they want to work for.

An email was sent to our address a few days before the appointment to remind us of the time and to inform us what we should bring. We were also asked questions like “How old do you look?” We were also asked questions such as “How old are you?” We were also asked questions like “How old do you look?” We were also asked questions such as “How old are you?” and “What kitchen design goals have you set?”

What happens in-store when you visit Home Depot Kitchen Remodeling?

The 45-minute appointment consisted of a walkthrough and explanation of the entire Home Depot kitchen renovation. This guide will give you an overview of each step.

The designer took photos of our kitchen and measured the countertops and cabinets. The designer took photos of the kitchen and measured it. The designer took photos of our kitchen and measured the cabinets. We also discussed our hopes and dreams for the kitchen.

In order to save money, the designer requested that we retain the original layout. The designer requested that we keep the original layout of our fridge and in-wall ovens, which were last year updated. It would be difficult to remove it. We also decided to remove the backsplash tile in order to save money.

Next, we discussed our budget. We explained to her that we did not plan on renovating the kitchen anytime soon and that we wanted our budget to remain at $30,000. We told her that we did not plan to renovate the kitchen anytime soon and that we would like to keep our budget to $30,000.

One of her numerous handouts stated that approximately 10% of homeowners spend more on kitchen renovations than their home’s worth. These are not my top choices. These benchmarks don’t take into account the age or location of the house. These benchmarks do not take into account the expectations of potential buyers.

Or whether the homeowner is willing to make major structural changes. The “benchmark” was that we would spend twice as much to remodel our kitchen than we actually planned. This is false.

kitchen renovation home depot

After the budget discussion was concluded, the designer presented a range of cabinets that she felt were high-quality and affordable. These cabinets are not available in gray or white. While I was open to the idea, lower cabinets could be made in light-colored cabinets. However, this was impossible for me to do.

She then asked us to take a look at the countertops. I knew I wanted quartz, so I chose a color based on the colors displayed. Then she wrote it down. Next, we discussed which appliances we needed to replace. We had to replace the stove, microwave, dishwasher, sink, and faucet.

She created an estimate based on our choices including countertops and cabinets. The cost of the project included demolition of the existing kitchen and removal of a soffit.

What is the cost of a Home Depot Kitchen?

This applies only to the kitchen. Prices can vary depending on what size and type of appliances you choose. These items were included in the $30,570 total price.

  • American Woodmark cabinets
  • Quartz countertop
  • New microwave
  • Top chef new
  • New dishwasher

Home Depot offers a special promotion that allows you to get a new sink free of charge when you buy a countertop. It cost $0 All components and materials must be removed and replaced by labor.

It didn’t include a backsplash. This was something we didn’t know. The price of the backsplash was quite shocking, I have to admit. This is something we would love to do for our kitchen.

Next: Measurement at home

After reviewing the estimated cost, we set up an appointment to measure at home. It works just as well as it sounds. The designer will come to your house and measure the space. A designer will design your kitchen layout. The service is $99 but Home Depot offers a $49.

It was easy to measure. The appointment was made for the following week. The person arrived promptly and took approximately 15 minutes to measure different parts of the kitchen.

What happens during the second consultation for a Home Depot Kitchen Remodel project?

We returned to Home Depot a week later for our second consultation. The same designer who first saw us created a CAD program. This program allows you “draw” your kitchen and create a rendering.

Initial discussions had been to keep the layout as but it quickly became clear that this was not the best option. The designer suggested that we go to the flooring aisle. So that the hardwood could be installed where it was not before, we needed to find hardwoods that were identical to our existing flooring.

We chose to replace the peninsula design with kitchen islands. This is what we did:

The exact layout she had drawn was used to update our price estimate. Her original estimate was only a few thousand more. She could win The Price is Right’s grand prize.

kitchen renovation home depot

The second consultation was completed. Next, we scheduled an appointment to have our designer measure our home so they could confirm that the design will fit.

We have not yet booked the second measurement appointment because we are still evaluating options and deciding when to move forward with a full-scale renovation of our kitchen. These are my thoughts, based on my experience with Home Depot kitchen remodels.

A Home Depot Kitchen Remodel: The Cons and Pros

To discuss our plans for the new Kitchen, we held two meetings in-store. These are our thoughts based on our experience so far about the pros and cons of choosing Home Depot to remodel your kitchen.


  • Home Depot has a limited inventory. There are only a few cabinets, countertops, and other fixtures in their inventory. Home Depot often offers great deals on almost all products. Home Depot offers very few options.
  • Save money on appliances, countertops, and cabinets by taking advantage of seasonal sales.
  • If something goes wrong in the renovation or design process, a big brand can assist you.


  • When making design decisions, you must feel confident. She suggested counter-top/cabinet combinations she thought might appeal to us. She explained, however, that she was an interior designer and not an architect. If you need interior design help in areas such as mixing and matching cabinets or finishes, this might not be the right forum for you.
  • All materials needed for renovations must be supplied by Home Depot. Although this may not seem important to most people, it can cause problems if Home Depot doesn’t stock the material you require.
  • It is vital to have a company backing your kitchen installation. However, independent contractors can do it. It is difficult to pick one. This is my greatest worry. It is impossible to know if the best contractor will complete the job no matter how much you love the design or the materials. Home Depot wants us to believe they are trustworthy and only hire top-quality contractors. It is impossible to ensure. It is impossible for you to vet, research and choose the contractor that you love most.

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