Styling An I Shaped Kitchen Island With Seating

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Styling An I Shaped Kitchen Island With Seating: The rise of open-plan kitchens has made kitchen island design a vital part of kitchen design.

You can make kitchen islands as big or small as you like. They can be made narrower or longer and can even run parallel to your kitchen space. There are many options available for islands, just like kitchen design.

The islands are beautiful and offer lots of storage space. Islands can make your kitchen more functional by making it easier for you to reach all the ingredients as you cook.


These ideas for kitchen islands will inspire you to add an extension that will transform your space. space to the right. The following illustration illustrates this.


When deciding on the size of your island, consider how much space you will need beyond it. Smith says that although islands are a striking feature in a kitchen, they can also occupy significant space.

Before adding an island to your kitchen, consider how much space is available and how much circulation you need around it.

For the cabinetry and island to be separated, it will typically take 48in/1200mm. This scheme encourages flow.

2. Aim For A Unique Shape

You can make a statement when it comes to designing your kitchen island. The Tom Howley kitchen island has a double-whammy design, which is both rectangular and curved. It is bold.

3. Different Zones May Get Therapy

It is easy to demolish an island-shaped kitchen by switching out the materials. This can be used to separate different areas depending on their intended uses.

Stone could refer to a surface that is used in food preparation, while wood might be used for making breakfast bars.

This neutral design is your favorite. Check out our white kitchen designs for more inspiration.

4. Think Big

Smallbone’s Icarus Collection is a great source of inspiration for fluting on a large scale. This kitchen is an excellent example of large-scale kitchen sculpting’s power and versatility. This design is rich in textures and has scalloped glass.

The design also features warm tones that reflect the 1920s glamour. The curved oak cabinet fronts are highlighted by a shimmering wash in brushed gold, and subtle graining can also be seen through.

l shaped kitchen island with seating

Iain O’Mahony serves as Smallbone’s conception director. The unique curve was made with materials technology, which is used in F1 motor race’s protected areas to lighten and strengthen doors. “The idea was to create a sense that blends craft-led design and boundless imagination.

5. Go Long

You can make your kitchen any size you like. You can make your kitchen stand out by adding seating to its island. It almost looks like an island bar. This modern alternative to traditional dining rooms tables is a great choice. It can seat seven people.

6. Make Room In A Kitchen For Seating

Nearly all kitchen islands have some type of seating. Even small spaces can be accommodated by a worktop and two stools. Long islands with integrated seating are becoming more popular for entertaining and family meals.

Annie Tullett (opens a new window) Hove, a Kitchen Designer, states that more work surface space is top of her list. To create more space and a harmonious flow, you can use the kitchen layout.

Smart design and appliances can make your island ideas more usable by making it a hub for technology like hidden power sockets or charging stations.

7. Work At A Dining Table

A dining table can save space on your modern kitchen island. Richard Atkins (opens in a new window). Design Director at DesignSpace London. He says that islands had one height a decade back: a worktop or greater. There are many options available now, with different levels to suit different purposes.

Because smaller living spaces are not ideal for clients who want to eat in close proximity to the kitchen, we often include a table on the islands.

8. Make A Display

Kitchens are more spacious and richer when the finishing touches are added. Plain English’s Merlin Wright explained that clients now use open shelves to create beautiful displays. Each island can be used to display your collection of vintage curiosities or ceramics.

9. Add Color To A Kitchen Island

An island kitchen is an excellent place to add new colors. Laurence Pidgeon suggests that the island’s face area be covered with warm and inviting materials. This will allow you to easily transition from the kitchen’s efficient surfaces.

You can create a stunning centerpiece using luxury materials. These materials include exotic timber veneers, marble, and burnished metal.

“There’s been an increase in texture materials like rough or raw-sawn wood, honed or fire-baked stone tops, and a contrast between the island’s colors and the rest of your kitchen.

10. Max Out The Kitchen Island Stage

Kitchen islands are a great way to increase storage space in your kitchen. It is crucial to include it on both sides when you have a deep unit.

l shaped kitchen island with seating

You can also store accessories and rarely used items on the other side of this island. The kitchen side will have all the essentials.

11. Add A Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinets used to be a luxury appliance that was only available to people with large budgets and high-end kitchens. Today, the prices of wine cabinets are dropping and there is something for every budget and style.

It is smart to integrate wine coolers into your kitchen island. These coolers not only will save space on your refrigerator, but also make it much easier to use the worktop.

If entertaining is your passion, you can host friends and family by serving wine alongside your cooking. A wine cellar can be a great way for kitchens to perform better.

12. Light Your Kitchen Island

The kitchen island lighting should be an integral part of your kitchen’s design. Plan as soon as possible.

When shopping for pendants, remember that pendants can be more visually striking than even numbers.

13. Devote Budget Matching Books

An overhang can be added to a kitchen island that allows storage for seats. The island has a light feel thanks to the legs of the stool. An island can have a stunning slab of stone displayed in many ways.

Bookmatching is the act of matching stones with their neighbors. Slip-matching creates an effect that lasts by using stones slices. You can mount a piece from the seamless rock on the front of a uni-unit. This is an impressive technique.

14. Select An Island That Has Simple Details

Ribbed fluting is a modern form of traditional fluting. The geometric shapes are more geometric than traditional fluting’s angular ones. This island comes from Blakes London. It has deep battened drawers.

Magnus Nilsson, the lead designer. According to Magnus Nilsson, the battens are more dramatic and deeper. The drawer fronts will get heavier after battening is complete. We added weights to the back of the drawers so that they open smoothly and are balanced.

Magnus painted the wall units vertically using liquid brass paint. This adds a touch of glamour to the walls.

Is A Kitchen Island A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

Darren Watts, Wren Kitchens’ Showroom Design Designer, states that even small kitchens could benefit from kitchen islands.

l shaped kitchen island with seating

It is the heart and soul of a home’s social life that its kitchen is. The comfort of the chef is crucial. Daniel Bowler, Eggersmann UK Director, says that by integrating kitchen appliances into an island they can be at the center of all the action.

It’s even better if you offer bar-style seating so guests can interact with the chef while they prepare their food.

Is My Kitchen Small Enough To Support A Land?

You might think that your kitchen is too small for an island. It could be false. It all boils down to practicality, proportions, and functionality. It is important to allow movement and space design.

Richard suggests a minimum distance of 1.2m from a breakfast bar, wall, or furniture in order to permit seating on an island.

An island should not be placed in an area to save space. They should be used to cook, not to block your path. You can temporarily block the space with a table or box for a few days. This is a great way to see how the island will affect the flow of space.

What Color Are The Most In-demand Kitchen Islands For 2022?

The style of your kitchen will dictate the color trends for kitchen islands. Dark blues and greys make great choices for painted kitchens. These colors add depth to otherwise simple designs. Modern designs can include metallic handles and trims, as well as clean white and gray kitchen cabinets.

It will be more common to use earthy reds and rich, dark green kitchens. These can be paired with trim in brass or soft gold.

You will also find a lot of texture. Fluted cabinetry is a reflection of the fluted glass designs that Charlie Smallbone has created for his new company Ledbury Studio.

Fake marble countertops are becoming more popular. They are used to surround islands with waterfall edges. They are strong and easy to maintain.

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