Homemade Mouse Baits That Actually Work

These homemade mouse baits are easy to make, easy on the pockets, and effective against rodents.

Nearly every home, office, and the school have experienced mice infestation in varying degrees. Don’t even think that it’s just a couple of mice taking up residence either because a single pair of mice can quickly turn into a hundred mice within a year! A female mouse can produce 10 litters a year with 14 mice in every litter, and the mice in every litter can do the same.

Just imagine the number of mice that will be in your home if you allow them to multiply like, well, rabbits. Fortunately, you can stop them in their tracks by making homemade baits, which are less toxic to humans and pets yet effective against mice. These best bait for mouse traps can be made from available ingredients in your pantry, too, so there’s no need to buy expensive rat poisons.

Tip: Place the homemade mice bait as close to the baseboard, walls and cabinet walls as possible. Mice are nearly blind creatures and, thus, travel close to the walls since they have to feel their way with their whiskers.

Peanut Butter Mixed with Artificial Sweetener

Unless you or your family member has an allergy to nuts, particularly peanuts, your pantry likely has one or two jars of peanut butter in it. The creamy mixture is cheap as well as easy to mix with artificial sweetener and effective in mice removal.  You can use the cheapest brand of peanut butter, too, or you may use whatever’s available in your home. Some websites suggest using peanut butter by itself, and that works great for traps, but it will not kill the mice.

Mice love peanut butter so much so that its aroma seems to be intoxicating to them, and it can attract them even from several feet away. The addition of an artificial sweetener sweetens the deal, so to speak since mice seems to have a sweet tooth, too. You can use any type of artificial sweetener, a type of sugar, for as long as it has aspartame.

The combination of peanut butter and aspartame is fatal for mice but it isn’t for pets and humans, a bonus point in its favor. Just combine two teaspoons of peanut butter and two packets of artificial sweetener. Then, roll the mixture into balls about the size of peas.

Place these balls in the mousetraps and in areas where mice seems to have increased activity, particularly along the walls. Keep in mind that these are fatal for mice so regular checking of the areas where these have been placed is a must. You don’t want dead rodents around your house either. 

You can also mix peanut butter, a bit of artificial sweetener and instant mashed potato flakes for the same effect.

Instant Mashed Potatoes

Mice love mashed potatoes, too, so it makes sense to use it as bait. You don’t have to make mashed potato from scratch as you can use instant mashed potato flakes instead. Plus, it’s a pet-safe food item so there’s little to no risk of your pets becoming poisoned from it unless you mix it with store-bought rat poison. 

Place about two tablespoons of instant mashed potato flakes in an area where mice activity, such as urine pools, feces droppings, and chewed items, have been seen. Place the flakes inside a shallow lid so these don’t become scattered.

How does it work? Once the mice eat the flakes, they become extremely thirsty and drink plenty of water. The flakes then swell up inside their stomach eventually killing them.

Even if your kids and pets disturb the flakes, they won’t be in harm’s way. But don’t risk it either so be sure to place the flakes away from their frequented places.

Again, you can add a small amount of artificial sweetener to the instant mashed potato flakes to make them more attractive to mice. The common brands of artificial sweeteners include Nutrasweet and Equal, both of which are fairly affordable. 

Cement Mix

If you don’t have pets and kids in your home, you may consider cement mix as bait for mouse. Cement mix will kill mice and rats within a day or two but it can also cause adverse side effects on pets and children. You may also use cement mix even with pets and children in your home but keep it away from them. 

Don’t just place dry cement mix in areas frequented by mice and on mousetraps. The mice should eat it in the first place and, for that reason, it should be mixed with a tasty filler. Again, peanut butter is a great choice since it attracts mice so well.

Mix dry cement mix and peanut butter in equal parts, add a small amount of artificial sweetener and combine well. Roll the mixture into pea-sized balls and place them where necessary.

Be sure to monitor these cement balls to check whether these have been eaten by mice. Change the balls, too, once every two days since these won’t be attractive to mice anymore, no thanks to the cement becoming hard. 

Keep in mind that these aren’t exactly humane baits since these acts as poisons. You may want to consider other baits if you just want to catch mice and release them into the wild afterward. 



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