Gardening, landscaping and lawn care

Autumn is here and the idea of digging the garden and replanting flowers and vegetables, as well as planting the seed for the lawn, is on your mind. You thought you did a good job last year, but you just didn’t have that native Spokane feeling. 

What can you do to improve your home this year? You know you want a flower garden and a vegetable patch, but where and how to plant them? You have seen some really nice designs in other homes and are wondering how you can do it too. 

Have you seen the wide variety of herbs and flowers in Spokane? Think about all the cool things that can be done with them. If you have a location off the beaten path, you might want to design a small bird sanctuary, surrounded by native grass and vegetation, to invite birds in as they pass. Instead of a bird bath, you can place a small waterfall or a fountain. If, on the other hand, you have a bit more acreage, you might want to build an animal shelter or sanctuary surrounded by some of Spokane’s finest tall grass. 

However, if you don’t have a lot of land you may want to add containers to your patio or balcony and edges along the paths as part of your garden and lawn.

Nothing is more beautiful than a well-kept lawn and a well-designed vegetable garden. Using native grass, flowers and varied vegetation, you will have that wonderful atmosphere of Spokane to keep your family and friends entertained.

Prepare your designs, but don’t start digging the yard or yard until you speak to a professional landscaper to see if your designs are viable. Together you and the landscaping team can build a truly beautiful and functional yard with a well-planted and well-maintained lawn.


Facts to know about gardening and lawn care

When the weather starts to warm up, the green grass and spring foliage will start to grow weeds. The summer sun hits the courtyards, transforming precious green lawns into dry, tanned deserts. Find out what you can do to maintain your landscape during the summer months, which will make it easier to maintain your home.

— Beautiful summer landscapes are done in spring and autumn

Much of residential property maintenance is preventative and proactive, and lawn maintenance is no different. Since spring and fall are the perfect time to fertilize, these are the seasons that really cultivate a lush, hydrated summer lawn. The trick is to take good care of the grass during non-extreme seasons to help it survive summer and winter. Some people make the mistake of fertilizing in late spring, thinking it will keep summer grass greener for a longer period of time. However, this late fertilization program will serve as food for new weeds and can lead to severe burns.

— Browning of grass is normal

Summer is a season of heat and drought, and some grass darkening is inevitable. Even professional commercial property maintenance companies struggle to achieve the intense green color you see in spring. If you have taken care of your lawn as mentioned above, it is not dead, it is just tan. 

Some residential property maintenance guides advise regular fertilizing and watering during times of drought, but this can lead to new problems. Additional water (in addition to summer rains) will not only encourage weeds but also weeds to bloom, but will keep the blades moist. This moisture promotes disease and other heat damage.

Tips for lawn care and Maintenance 

A clean, green lawn can give your home an aesthetic appeal. Establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn requires a lot of attention. Whether in summer or winter, you must pay particular attention to healthy plant growth.

To have a beautiful lawn in your yard, you can consider the following tips for lawn care and maintenance.

• Select plants and flowers that can withstand different climatic conditions throughout the year. You can choose shrub plants to cover as many areas as possible or you can choose flowers in different colors to create a garden of different shades in your lawn.

• Mowing is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lawn. For subsequent mowing, the lawn owner should have few maintenance tools, such as wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and other equipment.

• The use of organic fertilizers can be more effective than chemical herbicides. This will allow the plants to grow naturally and provide a cool, pure breeze to the surrounding areas.

• When choosing plants for your garden, avoid growing plant species that can damage the soil and prevent the growth of other plants. For example, plants like dandelion can attract your eyes, but their presence can affect the healthy growth of other plant species nearby.

• Grow grasses that use large amounts of nitrogen from the air and make the soil rich in nutrients.

• Regular watering keeps plants healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to have an adequate irrigation system on the lawn. Additionally, a lawn must have an adequate drainage system, so that excess water can be easily drained from the soil.

When observing the landscapes taken over by commercial property maintenance companies, people often wonder why the grass is cut every week. Indeed, at times of the year that are stressful for the grass, such as periods of high heat or low hydration, cutting the grass too short makes it even more stressed. Use the rule of thirds: never mow the lawn more than a third of its height. If you are traveling on vacation, remember to set the lawn mower to the highest setting for the first cut. A few days later, return to the normal mowing height, giving the grass time to recover.

•  Using grass to become greener

Remember, when maintaining a home, that grass clippings are very valuable as compost. Mowing the lawn frequently can be time consuming, but the compost you get from these clippings can help you grow your own vegetable garden. 

Using an inch of cut grass will also help reduce weeds in a flower bed. Mixing fresh grass with garden soil will help retain moisture-retaining properties and add valuable nutrients and organic matter.

Proper maintenance will not only make your home more attractive, but will also help increase the value of your property. A neighborhood full of manicured lawns will increase the overall value of the land.

However, many house owners believe that they take care of the lawn themselves, but the best deal is to hire professional lawn care services from reputable lawn care companies.



Gardening, landscaping and lawn care

Autumn is here and the idea of digging the garden and replanting flowers...

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