DIY Home Decorating

It’s that time of year again! As summer draws to a close and the shorts, tank tops and slippers are taken off for the season, the fresh air can only mean one thing: fall is coming. Add some warmth and spice to your home by capturing the feeling of the season with these five fun DIY fall decorations for the home.

However, you might be struggling to afford some certain decorations for your home. If so, read on and follow the tips for getting a nice, affordable bedroom.

Decorating the house does not have to be extravagant and difficult because with the right tools, equipment and skills, you can create a beautiful and economical room.

Home decorating doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think, because with the right do-it-yourself decorating accessories you save money but add a personal touch to your room. Most of these DIY light fixtures are easy to assemble and can be completed in a matter of hours or days.

Before you start your work, take an inventory of all the objects in your room. Decide which parts need to be repaired, removed and replaced, and which items are missing.

Some DIY projects that can help you include

Wall decor

Start the new season with some fall wall decorations. Decorate the living room, living room or any room in the house that needs a special fall touch. Draw different shapes of leaves in different colored wall pieces, such as brown, copper, golden yellow, and rust. 

Using a pencil, stencil over a few wavy lines to simulate the wind blowing through the leaves for an exclusive and beautiful fall decoration; run a little black ink on the pencil to define the marks.

Also, you can make a decorative scrapbook out of canvas or art paper and place it in a frame and hang on the wall.

Fall wreaths

Add some flavor to the front door with a fall wreath. Simply purchase a moss wreath, berry twigs, vines, and faux leaves at the local craft store. Make sure the leaves are different shades of gold, red, and brown. If the foam crown is white or light in color, spray paint. 

Using a glue gun, attach the branches and leaves to the foam wreath. Make sure you move at a fast pace because while the glue is hot, it tends to dry quickly. Add a bow or a few sunflowers for an extra touch.

Central table

Having a gorgeous centerpiece as part of fall home decor will appeal to everyone in the room. Be creative and resourceful at the same time, taking an ordinary old globe and transforming it into a spectacular work of art. 

Separate the hemispheres of the globe and fill each of them with colorful leaves, pine cones, small pumpkins, apples and pods. Place one centerpiece on the living room coffee table and the other in the dining room.

Antique Furniture

You can also change and renovate old furniture by painting it with a new color.

If you are tight on budget, you can auction or have a garage sale to trade in all the old furniture, clothes, and decor items you no longer use to raise money to buy the things you need for your room. Selling these items not only allows you to fundraise, but also remove unwanted rooms from your bedroom.

Acorn napkin rings

Add fall decor to the dining room table by making acorn rings. Take a nature walk and collect acorns; you will exercise your creativity and your body! For each napkin ring, make small holes in about 10 tassels. Connect the nuts in an alternating sequence from top to bottom so that they fit together comfortably. Twist the ends of the wire and cut off the excess.

Fall window decorations

Decorate any window with fall decorations creating miniature wreaths. Collect various natural elements such as branches, berries, pine cones and leaves. Glue the branches with hot glue in a square shape. Buy small garland foams or cut circles out of cardboard and wrap a ribbon around the circles before gluing the decorations to the wreath. Hang the new creations in the window.

Other little detailed projects included:

  • Shade- You can revamp your old lamps by sewing fabric or paper or adding a single strip of color to create a dramatic look. To avoid fires, be sure to completely dry the glue before lighting it.
  • Curtain Details – You can make small changes to existing curtains by adding a highlight at the top.
  • Custom Headboard – You can customize the headboard of your bed by creating your own designs.
  • Decorative Pillows – You can also place decorative fabric on your pillows by sewing a different shade of fabric onto the fabric.
  • Wall Shelves – By creating a shelf display space, you can remove the clutter from the room.
  • Cabinets – you can renovate your old cabinets by repainting them with a new color.

You can also reuse your things, like sewing your old curtains to make a cushion cover and repainting your old dresser or closet to create a new look.

Whatever the theme of your room, always remember to keep the decor as simple as possible. Make sure to reduce the amount of furniture to give your room an organized, spacious and clean look.

Embrace the fall season by giving your home a fall makeover. Simple yet natural, fall decorations can give any apartment or home a warm, earthy look that will last all season.



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