Dissecting The Kitchen Renovation Process

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Dissecting The Kitchen Renovation Process: Every stage of the kitchen renovation process is crucial in shaping the final product. About Kitchens can help you design a modern, rustic, or traditional kitchen. We also offer a wide range of options for kitchen remodels, including waterfront views.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s important to understand each stage of the process. About Kitchens can help you create a beautiful, functional kitchen that meets your needs and fits within your budget. We offer a wide range of options, including waterfront views, so you can customize your kitchen to your unique taste.

The client’s participation in every stage of the project, from the initial consultation through the walkthrough before construction begins, helps to establish design goals and ensures customer satisfaction. These ten steps will get you on your way to your dream kitchen.

Now is the right time to remodel your kitchen. Understanding the phases of a kitchen remodel will help you make informed decisions about quality and cost and keep you on the right track to a successful remodel.


Consultation is the first step in any kitchen renovation. We will work with your schedule and accommodate you whether you visit our showroom or call one of our representatives. Our consultation is completely free and at the client’s convenience.

It establishes the project plan as well as the design goals. This initial meeting establishes the point of contact for all customer inquiries. Our experts will guide you through the entire kitchen renovation process, and help you realize your dream.

Tear down and Disposal

The new kitchen is complete. All necessary building permits have been obtained and materials are available for delivery. The actual renovation begins with the demolition of the kitchen and the disposal of any materials that can’t be reused.

Local salvaged building material retailers such as Habitat ReStore offer cabinet removal services. They will be happy to help you determine if this service is available in the area. This is a common task homeowner take on to cut down on overall costs. However, a kitchen remodel can be complicated and disposal fees will be charged according to the weight.

Structural Repairs

After the flooring, cabinetry, and tile backsplash have been removed, repairs are often required. There will be holes in the drywall, which may need to be patched, gouges or scrapes in the subfloors and walls, as well as ceiling damage, that must also be repaired before the kitchen renovation can begin.

It is best to completely clean up any damage before any inspection. This allows your contractor time to assess the damage and plan for structural repairs that will support your kitchen.

Assess the Electrical and Mechanical Systems

New kitchen lighting requires additional wiring or rewiring. This project requires an electrician to be completed. You can also ask your kitchen contractor to subcontract it to a licensed electrician.

kitchen renovation process

Electrical work is required for both moving existing appliances and installing new ones. You might consider adding spotlights or under-cabinet lighting to make your workspace brighter.

This stage also requires attention to mechanical systems. Large ductwork is required to cover the microwave and stove in order to meet modern efficiency standards. This allows for better airflow and safety in your kitchen.

Assess the Plumbing

Your kitchen’s plumbing plays an important role. Before installing cabinets or other major features, it is essential to evaluate the design. The plumbing will connect to the dishwasher and kitchen sinks.

It will be easier to avoid any errors by hiring a licensed plumber who can assess and install your plumbing system. Faulty connections and poorly designed pipes can cause serious problems that could damage all materials used during your kitchen remodel. It is possible that gas lines will also be required to run to the oven or stove.

Flooring Installation

For Kitchen remodels, Luxury Vinyl tile and Ceramic/Porcelain tile are very popular. The look of hardwood on porcelain tiles is now available. This gives you a timeless look that’s easy to maintain. Another common type of flooring is engineered hardwood. It flows from other areas, creating a larger space.

Install Cabinetry

Your new kitchen will begin to take shape. Cabinets are mounted on the walls and attached to the subfloor. This creates the foundation of your kitchen. These structures are used to support counters, sinks, and appliances, and also provide storage and concealment for the electrical and plumbing running through this room.

Make sure you choose the best quality cabinet for your budget. Choose cabinet doors with neutral backgrounds. It all depends on your personal preferences. Hardware and handles can be invisible or elaborate.

This is where trim, rails, lighting, closers, and other cabinet accessories are placed. These components can often increase the cost of new cabinets by more than homeowners are willing to pay. Be sure to fully understand your options and choose the accessories and design that will best fit your home.

Install Counters

Countertops must be attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. This element will make a big impact on your kitchen renovation, whether you choose high-quality laminate or natural stone countertops like granite or quartz.

A well-designed countertop can make a room feel bigger and more spacious. However, a poor installation or lower-quality materials can ruin the overall look of the space.

kitchen renovation process

Any countertop can be installed by a contractor. Corners, joints, and end pieces are crucial and should be treated with care to ensure proper sealing and minimal gaps. While under-mount kitchen sinks are now the most popular, many designs still require traditional flush-mount stainless-steel sinks or large white farm-style basins. If you have a separate range, make sure the countertops fit perfectly around it.

Backsplash Installation

A stylish and low-maintenance backsplash can be created with tiles. You can complement this design by adding tile flooring in ceramic, natural stone, or porcelain. The backsplash and floor can be tiled as well. For a more eco-friendly kitchen remodel, you might consider a contemporary look using tin panels and engineered hardwood flooring on the floor.

Installation Appliances

After all the flooring, cabinets, and finishing are done, appliances will be installed in the kitchen. Make sure you have power, water, and natural gas lines connected to your oven. To double as exhaust fans, microwaves mounted above the stove can be connected to dishwashers.

Some appliances need assembly. Most retailers include delivery in their prices. Avoid delays by having the appliances available for your contractor to install at the completion of the project.

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