Choosing the right home water treatment system

Water filters for use throughout the home are powerful. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, as well as at flow rates to provide the best solution for users ranging from small homes to large commercial industries.

Water filters for an entire house are connected to the main supply line so that the water is treated before entering the house. Whole-house water filters are not like point-of-use filters – they are connected to all faucets and sinks to provide clean water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, bathing and wash the toilet. Below are few tips for deciding on the right home water treatment system

  • Before buying a filter, identify water problems.

It is easy for a free water test to identify filter problems and their severity. It can detect problems like acidity, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and iron, to name a few. As soon as the results of the water tests are made public, homeowners should think about the important factors.

When deciding on a water filter, is it important to have a balanced pH water supply? If so, they should buy a product that solves this problem. If their biggest problem is reducing the amount of chlorine, they should invest in a model that can remove chlorine.

Many filters can solve a multitude of problems and may ask your water filtration company to help you find the system that best suits your needs.

  • Analyze the water supply.

First, they should have their water analyzed for contaminants in order to know the quantity and the different types. If the water source is a well, a private business, or a river, they can use one of the inexpensive water analysis tools on the market to get accurate reports or hire a water specialist to do the job.

If the water comes from a public facility provided by the government, they can request a water quality index report in the local supply area. This report will suggest the type of filtering that suits your needs.

  • Check the flow rate of valves and hoses.

Homeowners should first check the flow of their faucets and hoses before purchasing water. Otherwise, it can cause a pressure variation. Hoses may burst or leaks increase when the flow rate is lower than that of the water filters.

  • Water filters for indoor or outdoor use

When a house is built, it is often difficult and more expensive to have a water filter installed for indoor and outdoor water supply. Installing the internal filter is simpler and more economical. If they are more concerned with indoor water filtration, the water filtration company of choice should focus only on systems for indoor use.

If they also like to filter the water outside to improve landscaping or to make sure their kids’ water toys don’t spread germs or catch harmful chemicals, your filtration company should find the best system for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Determine flow

Just like water softeners and water heaters, it can help you know how much water a family uses each day. For all household water filter systems, it is likely that a person living alone will use less water than a family of four.



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