Best Water Treatment for your home

You cannot underestimate the importance of having at least one tap of pure water in your home these days. Recent reports have put the amount of dangerous chemicals in the water to over two thousand two of them symbolizing the greatest danger – chlorine and lead. Yes, it is possible to disinfect our water supply. 

However, are you considering the quality of the water entering your home and looking for the best water purification technology?

In this article, I will state and explain different water purification methods that are commercially available and offer some tips on how to choose the right one for your home.

There are five basic types of household water purifiers


All filters use an active substance which retains, absorbs or modifies the pollutants in the incoming water. This substance is called media and there are different types of media. The most common is carbon. The way they capture pollutants also varies. For example, some use mechanical action, while others use a process called adsorption, in which pollutants are trapped in chemical attraction. There are different types of filters (sediment, redox, pathogens, etc.) which are classified mainly according to the range of pollutants they capture.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) units

This water purification technology works by pushing water under high pressure through a membrane. This membrane has pores large enough to let the water molecules through, but too small for the larger polluting molecules.


In the case of this water purification technology, the water is boiled, producing steam. The steam is cooled and condensed in water. All substances that do not evaporate are left in the boiling chamber.

Civic treatments 

This do this all types using chlorine, but keep in mind that there are other contaminants that are not always removed with the implementation of chlorine. High levels of chlorine can also be a health problem. Therefore, while chlorine is added to help purify tap water, a filtration system that we install at home must remove much of the chlorine to make it healthier for consumption.

The increased use of chlorine to disinfect the supply has resulted in higher levels of toxic lead in the water, especially if there are leaks due to damaged connections and pipes. To get rid of 99% of these two toxins, a double filter carbon system with ion exchange and submicron filtration will work at a very affordable price.

Ultraviolet units

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is known to be effective in killing bacteria and other pathogens. It should be mentioned that UV purifiers are made for the specific purpose of disinfecting water and are not effective in removing other pollutants. Therefore, it should always be combined with other methods of water purification.

Combinations of technologies

As you understand, each of the above mentioned water purification technologies has its pros and cons. What some manufacturers do is combine different methods of water purification in multistage systems. In this way, they expand the range of pollutants they can get rid of.

Regarding the criteria on which you should base your water purification technology, below are few tips

Choosing the right filter system for your home

When you are considering a water filtration system, one of the first things to consider is what you need. 

Are you planning to buy a water filter that meets simple and straightforward drinking and cooking needs, or do you want to think of one that also takes care of your shower and bath water? When considering this, think about what is bothering you most about the water supply and whether you have the resources to fix it.


It is measured by the proportion of the volume of clean water leaving in terms of water entering and also by the speed of the process, ie the time it takes to produce a gallon of water.

When comparing different water purification methods, RO and stills have very slow processes (for RO, it usually takes two to three hours to produce a gallon of water).

RO also wastes a lot of water. Normally, 3 to 10 gallons of tap water is required to produce 1 gallon of purified water; the rest is emptied.

Total cost 

Another thing to consider is the cost and the replaceable nature of the filter itself. Remember that a water filter is as good as your filter, and these filters wear out and break.

When you are considering buying a water filter, remember that some filters simply outlast others. Remember that the most basic filters will take you to 2000 gallons of water, while the most sophisticated filters will keep you at 16,000 gallons and more.

– Initial cost plus cost of ownership)

As for the initial cost, there is a wide variation, depending on many factors, such as the type of water purification technology used (or a combination), that who installs it yourself or someone else etc. Prices can range from $ 25 for a single carbon filter and can reach $ 1,000 for a three-stage combination system.

It is also important to know its ongoing cost. This is measured in cost per gallon of water and includes filters or replacement cartridges, in addition to other costs, such as electricity bills, water bills, etc.

Water quality

 This is measured according to the variety of pollutants eliminated, as well as the taste and appearance of the water. To be better informed, it is essential that you have done your research in advance on what is contained in the water you receive at home. Get the annual report from your utility or get a full report from a private laboratory.


Include the necessary maintenance (how often you need to change the filters), as well as capacity issues, such as the need for a tank (RO and stills), ease of installation, etc.


As you understand, the choice of a water purification technology adapted to your individual needs requires serious thought on your part and the key to the best possible decision is access to objective information.



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