Anova Precision Cooker vs. Anova Precision Cooker Pro

Enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home with a Sous Vide Precision Cooker!

If you’re wondering what sous vide is, it’s a style of cooking where your chosen dish such as a steak is cooked in a tightly vacuumed sealed bag in a water bath or pot, for a long time at an accurately regulated temperature. After which you can sear your meat on a grill or pan for a delicious finish.

The two precision cookers we’ll be taking a look at is the Anova Precision Cooker and Precision Cooker Pro. Both models are very similar to each other in terms of design, yet one is created for home use, while the other is better suited for a heavier style of cooking.


  1. Get a fantastic dish every time and No change to overcooking.
  2. Makes life easier and dynamic
  3. Low maintenance and save money
  4. Anova sous vide cooking is safe for health.
  5. Sous vide is fantastic for make-ahead meals.
Anova Anova Pro
Power 1000 Watts Up to 1800 Watts
Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Flow 8 Liters/min 12 Liters/min
Height 12.8″ 13.5″
Capacity Enough for up to 8 People 100 Liters
Material Plastic & stainless steel Aluminum – Teflon
coated & stainless steel
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.2 °F +/- 0.09˚ F
Temperature Range 32˚-197˚F 32˚-198˚F
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Anova Precision Cooker pro is a professional grade sous vide machine. Anova pro is the best for serious work and the long-haul. It is designed for professional and home chef.  It is amazingly powerful that’s built your favorite cast iron pan for continuous uses. 

Anova precision cooker pro is water resistant and durable. It is made by metal and stainless steel parts.  So, if it is submerged for 30 minutes in water, its efficiency will not be reduced and there will be no harm to any part of the machine. Anova Pro  Pro is a sous vide which is the best for others in the long run.  

Anova Precision Cooker pro is included waterproof led touch screen display.  Its display is fully clear.  It has an adjustable and detachable clamp.  The clamp of Anova pro is able to raised or lowered based on the shape or size of the cooking pot. Therefore, it is strongly stuck with any vessel and does not interfere with cooking. 


The performance of Anova Precision Cooker Pro is extremely unbelievable. It has hundreds of heats and feeds in a flash. The Anova pro is the 100% workhorse sous vide. Anova precision cooker pro has more powerful performance feature:  heating power 1200 watts, flow rate 12LPM, Maximum cooking volume 100 litters with lid.   

Anova pro has a powerful dual bearing brushless DC motor for better Engineered. It includes the world’s best double core insulated heaters. Anova Precision Cooker Pro can be run at least 10000 hours at a time without shutting down. That is not possible in any other’s sous vide cooker. It is supported bath size in 100 liters and temperature range up to 92 ̊ C/198 ̊ F. 

Anova Precision Cooker Pro’s stainless steel high-end protective for keeping temperature accurate. So heats the water quickly and helps to heat the water at a specific temperature. Anova precision cooker pro is drop tested and IPX-7 rated. As a result, if the machine drops on the floor or dunks it under water or it will not harm, and you can cook it with enough energy for filling your needs.


People are not ready to engage in work during the era of change. Everybody tries to do multiple tasks together. As a result, many changes have been made in our used items. So nobody wants to finish cooking in the cooking room just by sitting in the kitchen. Cook and do other things.


Each company says their product is the best. But there is no security in electronics products. So each company offers the warranty for their customers to achieve their trust. General customers can purchase these products safely use for a specific period of time. If it is damaged then it can be repaired free. Anova company is no exception. Anova Precision Cooker Pro has over 2 years of service warranty.



Anova Precision Cooker Nano is a great introduction for sous vide. Anova Nano first launched June 2018 with uses 10+ years sous vide experience and updated technology. Anova Nano is the smaller and best quieter. It is also connected lab-grade sous vide precision cooker. If you are new to sous vide or looking for additional cooker, then Anova pro is perfect for cooking sous vide.  

Anova precision cooker nano is tall 12.8 inches and diameter 2.2 inches.  It is the smaller than the original Anova model (Anova Precision Cooker Wifi & Bluetooth), which 15 inches tall and 2.3 inches diameter. Not only Anova Nano smaller than the original Anava model but also smaller than Anova precision cooker pro.

Anova Nano has only black color. It looks sleeker than the Anova precision cooker WiFi & Bluetooth and Anova precision cooker pro. it is the safe any kind of pot or sous vide container. Because Nano has a stylish clamp.  With the clamp, it can be tightened with any vessel.  

Anova nano has clear and touch screen display. You can see the display from a fair distance. You can set and control its temperature and time by just touch. Anova Precision Cooker Nano is designed to be easily cooked in the restaurant’s quality at home without any hassle.  ‍Anvoa sous vide is a perfect kitchen element for hands-off cooking vegetable, meat, and a much more perfect way.


Anova nano performance is amazing for home cooking. Every cooking gives a perfect result. The Anova nano temperature range up to 197 ̊ Fahrenheit and time up to 99 hours. The result of the anova precision cooker nano is possible, it is not possible in any other cooking mode.

It has not dry edges and rare centers. The juice and taste cannot escape when cooked through it. The food is perfectly humid and flexible. The food is cooked at the right temperature and time.

If you want to cook your rare and medium rare, the right temperature will be required. That can be 0.1˚C. With Anova nano you can make 0.1˚C the perfect temperature to cook with absolute results guaranteed every time. Anova precision nano has 120 volts whose heating power is 750 watts, which always guarantee perfect cooking. In fact, the original Anova is spending 25 minutes to hit the target, 


Anova precision cooker nano has a smart device controller and gets time to time cooking notifications. Anova nano can be remotely controlled with your smartphone. During cooking, you can easily escape from the kitchen. 

Warranty & Usability

Anova Precision Cooker Nano is easy to use. Add nano in any sous vide container. But BPA Free sous vide container is better for health. Add water to sous vide pot. Place the sealed bag in a water-filled container that is sealed with food. Touch the device’s button to set the temperature and the precise time. When your food is complete, alert you through the sound of the beep and get a notification to your smart device. 

Things in Common

App Control :

Being able to control your precision cooker both at home or remotely is a pretty useful function! And you can do so with both Anova Cookers via the app.

You can also set temperatures, monitor the cooking process and even browse delicious recipes to impress your guests with.

The Anova app is available on all range of smart devices, Android and iOS, providing you with an efficient way of cooking.

Temperature Range :

Different recipes require various temperature ranges, luckily Anova Precision Cooker and Precision Cooker Pro offer an impressive range from 32 – 198 F, that will be able to heat up the water bath to its optimal level.

LCD Display :

With the world turning to smart technology, more and more devices are solely operated via smartphones. However, with the Anova Precision cooker, you have the option between choosing its app or simply taking advantage of its sleek LCD display located at the top.

Network :

Both Sous Vide Cookers run on a 2.4GHz WiFi network, so ensure that your existing connection can handle your new smart cooker.

Because both models use WiFi, it means you’re able to control them remotely! So you can set your prior prepped steaks to start cooking just as you’re leaving the office, and all that’s left to do is sear them off when you arrive home, and your dinner is ready in no time!


Power & Flow :

The power and flow rate determines how quickly your smart cooker will get the water to its optimal cooking point. And this is where Anova Pro takes the lead with its impressive 1800 Watts worth of power and quick 12 liters per min flow rate, making sure your food is cooking in no time.

Capacity :

Anova Pro can handle up to 100 liters worth of capacity making it ideal for professional chefs and more industrial style kitchens.

While Anova Sous Vide doesn’t have the exact number, it states that it can cook for about up to 8 people, which seems pretty handy for families and smaller dinner parties.

Temperature Accuracy :

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro takes the lead here as it has an almost exact accuracy of 0.09 F° vs. Anova’s 0.2 F.

Height :

Anova Precision Cooker is smaller with its height of 12.8″, compared to Pro’s 13.5″.

Material :

Anova Pro has a slight edge with its aluminum and Teflon coated stainless steel, compared to Anova’s slightly simpler plastic & stainless steel design.

So, you can find your best ANOVA series sous vide cooker that you like. Now collect your sous vide and cooking restaurant quality food with sous vide. After cooking, you can eat restaurant quality amazing food with family in your house.



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