Anova Precision Cooker Nano Review

Anova Nano was first launched in June 2018, which uses 10+ years of sous vide experience and updated technology. Anova Precision Cooker Nano is one of the effective introduction of accessible technology for sous vide. Anova Nano is smaller and best quieter product at a low price. It utilizes a low-temperature cooking technique and its integration with smart phone app is supported by Bluetooth connectivity. It is a lab-grade, combining precision cooker. If you are looking for an additional cooker, then Anova pro is a one-stop solution for cooking sous vide till the time.

Uses Ability

1. Temperature and time manually controls
2. Best capacities touch screen
3. High trusted speaker tones


1. It’s weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg
2. It’s height: 14.75″ (375 mm)
3. Diameter: 2.36″(60 mm)


1. 8 Gal / 32 L Cook size (Maximum)
2. High heating power: 220V-240V/900W


1. Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi 802.11 build in
2. iOS and Android apps

Pot Size

1. Immersion Depth: 2.5″ (Min) & 7.25″(Max)
2. Max Clamp Opening: 1.25″/3.175 cm


1. Maximum Temperature 210° F/99° C
2. Minimum Temperature  32° F/0° C
3. Cook Time up to 99 hours


1. Pump: 3.1-2.4 GPM 7-8 LPM
2. Directional Pump: 360° 

Body Material Heat resistant plastic and stainless steel
Connectivity Bluetooth
Heating Power 750 watts  
Dimensions 4.1 x 2.2 x 12.8 inches
Weight 3.04 lbs / 1.29 kg
Pump 5 Liters per Minute
Bath Size up to 20 liters  
Temperature 0° C to 91° C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.10° C  
Display LED Display


Measurements: Anova precision cooker nano is 12.8 inches tall with a diameter of 2.2 inches. If we talk about the size of Anova model, so it is smaller than the original Anova Precision Cooker (Wifi & Bluetooth) model, which 15 inches tall and 2.3 inches diameter, but larger than the ChefSteps Joule (11 x 1.9 inches). It is also smaller than Anova precision cooker pro.

Anova Nano comes only with a single color that is black. Its appearance is sleeker than both the models – Anova precision cooker WiFi & Bluetooth and Anova precision cooker pro. For the safety of container, it has a stylish clamp which helps it to tighten it with the vessel.

 Anova nano has a clear and touch screen display. The display seems to be enough big and can be seen from a fair distance. You can set and control its temperature and time by just touching the buttons on the display. Anova Precision Cooker Nano is designed to cook restaurant-quality food at home without any hassle. ‍Anvoa sous vide is an effective kitchen element for hands-off cooking vegetables, meat, and other foodstuffs in an easier and better way.  

anova nano design


Anova nano shows a great performance for home cooking. With every cooking stuff, you get a perfect result. The Anova nano temperature range up to 197 ̊ Fahrenheit and time up to 99 hours. The result of the ANOVA precision cooker nano is possible, it is not possible in any other cooking mode. Nano is slightly more than the Anova Original.

You enjoy every meal cooked with it. The juice and taste cannot escape when cooked through it. The food cooked has no dry edges, rare centers and, is cooked perfectly. The food is cooked at the right temperature and time.

With Anova nano if you are looking to cook at rare or medium rare, you can make 0.1˚C the perfect temperature to cook with absolute results guaranteed every time. The Nano has a power capacity of 750 watts, which always guarantee perfect cooking. In fact, the original Anova is spending 25 minutes to hit the target, while Nano hits the target 3 minutes before that is in just 22 minutes. It made your cooking faster. Anova precision cooker nano has a speaker. When the water reaches the desired temperature or the food is cooked it makes a loud beep sound to indicate the target has been reached. 


Anova nano can be remotely controlled with your smartphone. During cooking, you can easily escape from the kitchen. Anova precision cooker nano has a smart device controller that connects with the mobile app via Bluetooth. It gives time to time cooking notifications. The app has 3 tabs in it: My Recipes (where you can save favorite recipes), Guides and Recipes. With the recipe tab, you can get 1000+ new recipes that you can make.  

You can just easily download the ANOVA application and monitor the cooking status on your smartphone, adjust or control the device from your iPhone or Android smart device. As you can control the device through Bluetooth, make sure you do not go across 30sq feet as Bluetooth has its connectivity limit.


Anova Precision Cooker Nano is easy to use. Add nano in any sous vide container. Add water to sous vide pot. Place the sealed bag in a water-filled container that is sealed with food. To set the time and temperature touch the buttons on the display screen. When your food is complete, the Anova Nano gives an alert you through a loud beep sound and also shoots a notification to your smart phone. In case you are away from cooking area you can check the notification on your smart device.  


Anova companies provide 2 years of warranty on Anova precision cooker nano as they are confident about their product. However, there are certain things which is not covered under the warrant, so it is important to note that the warranty is not effective in any type of burn or after crush.  


Anova Precision Cooker Nano

Good Features

  • Touch screen Display
  • Smaller than Anova precision cooker wife and Bluetooth and pro model.
  • Lowest price than other ANOVA models.
  • Good on-device controls
  • Made with heat resistant plastic.
  • Expert sous vide cooker
  • Excellent app and functionality
  • Inbuilt speaker with high volume.
  • Supported voice control cooking with Alexa
  • 2-years warranty

Bad Feature

  • Only Bluetooth connectivity does not have WIFI connectivity.

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Anova Precision Cooker Nano is one of the powerful and home cooking sous vide machine. It’s a great product because of its design, intuitive and excellent app functionality. It is best to use and save time while cooking and also helpful when it comes to cooking for a house party. So if you’re looking for smart sous vide machine, the Anova Precision Cooker Nano is the one to get it which is available at a reasonable price from other Anova sous vide cookers.


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